About Us


Welcome to CJS CD Keys.  We are a world leader in game and software key distribution, selling Steam Keys, Origin Keys, Software Keys, Antivirus Keys, Movie Codes, Battle.net Keys, and many other digital download keys for all of the latest games and software! We sell all of the latest games and software as digital downloads at 30 – 50% off the retail price.  When you purchase a key from us, you will receive it instantly after payment, along with it’s relevant download link.

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Since our website launch in November 2009, we have remained dedicated to providing the best possible prices and fastest possible service for instant downloads. 

We have become well known for providing instant delivery, thanks to our in-house developed Autokey system, which automatically distributes the unique activation codes to our customers instantly after their payment.  This enables customers to experience self-service. Simply buy the game or software key, enter the key on it’s associated download manager (such as Steam or Origin), or into the official website for your chosen product, and start downloading! It’s that simple.


We sell CD Keys for the latest video games and software.  With our website, you can get instant digital downloads on everything from PC games, Xbox games, Playstation Games, along with Computer Software such as Anti-virus and operating systems, and everything in between!

A CD Key is a unique sequence of numbers and letters, which can be used to activate a digital download of a game or peice of software.  The authentication keys can be entered online in order to add a game to your ‘digital download library’, from which you can download your purchased game or software.

We offer genuinesealed, and brand new video game keys, software keys, and more at rock bottom prices. Images of the activation codes are uploaded to our online instant delivery system direct from our headquarters in Belize.  This means you get INSTANT delivery of your games, immediately after your purchase!


Our company functions by importing the products from main distributors, in locations where games have cheaper retail prices than in countries such as Australia. Because of the savings made in postage costs (as our items are sent digitally), it allows us to provide extremely low pricing.

We always strive to get our prices as low as possible, and we can always beat your quote! If you found a game store selling one of our games cheaper than us, send an email with proof and we’ll beat the price!


Absolutely.  We source our products from leading interactive entertainment distributors, and do not condone piracy in any way. None of our activation codes are from illegal key-generators. Each code that is sent to each customer is unique and unused.  It authenticates with the official online systems of the game or software publisher such as Steam or Origin, giving you furthur assurance that you are buying a genuine download key.


No.  Autokey is simply an online distribution system which allocates stock to customers as they purchase keys.  CJS staff upload the keys in bulk to the Autokey system, where they get sent to customers as they are needed.  We photograph the codes from inside original, brand new sealed PC Games, and upload the photographs to Autokey.  We then recycle the game boxes and destroy the paper CD Key. This ensures that you are the only owner of the Key.


There are a number of great reasons why we believe CJS CD Keys is the best place to order your CD Key!

  • Fast Delivery – Our instant delivery system, Autokey, allows us to dispatch thousands of CD Keys to all of our customers within seconds.  This level of delivery speed is unmatched amongst our competitors.  While our competitors spend days manually emailing the codes to customers, our automatic system means that the keys are instantly accessible to all customers, immediately after we upload them.  
  • Reliable – CJS CD Keys have been around since November 2009.  During that time, we’ve become one of the biggest digital download key stores online.  Since starting, we’ve built up a customer base of over 1 million customers, with over 160,000 facebook fans on our Facebook Page.  
  • Trusted – Over the years, we’ve built up a huge reputation.  CD Key buyers often comment on our high speed of service and fast delivery.  You can read over 88,000 reviews about our company on our Trustpilot Reviews Page.  
  • Cheap – We work hard to ensure our prices are always considerably cheaper than other retail stores.  With our cheap prices and instant delivery combined, there should be no reason why anyone would buy directly from Steam instead!  CJS CD Keys offer the same level of instant service, but at a cheaper price!  
  • Highly Acclaimed – Over the years, CJS CD Keys have humbly accepted many Awards from organisations who have recognised our achievements within the game industry.