Does Ken Block Own Monster Energy?


In the world of extreme sports and high-octane adrenaline rushes, few names shine as brightly as Ken Block. Known for his jaw-dropping Gymkhana videos and his prominent involvement in the world of motorsports, Ken Block has become an icon in the realm of extreme sports and racing. Over the years, fans and enthusiasts have often wondered about the extent of Ken Block’s influence in the energy drink industry. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing question: Does Ken Block own Monster Energy?

The Origins of Monster Energy

Before we dive into the association between Ken Block and Monster Energy, let’s explore the origins of the energy drink giant. Monster Energy, a beverage powerhouse, was founded in April 2002 by Hansen Natural Corporation. It quickly gained popularity for its edgy marketing campaigns, distinctive packaging, and a wide array of flavors to cater to diverse tastes.[Does Ken Block Own Monster Energy]

Ken Block’s Rise to Fame

Ken Block, on the other hand, earned his fame through a different avenue – the world of motorsports. Block’s journey to becoming a household name began with his love for rally racing. He participated in various rally competitions, gaining experience and honing his skills behind the wheel.[Does Ken Block Own Monster Energy]

The Gymkhana Series

One of Ken Block’s most notable achievements is the Gymkhana series. These adrenaline-pumping videos showcase Block’s exceptional driving skills as he maneuvers through intricate obstacle courses with precision and style. These videos have garnered millions of views on YouTube and turned Ken Block into a global sensation.[Does Ken Block Own Monster Energy]

Ken Block and Monster Energy: The Connection

Does Ken Block Own Monster Energy

Now, let’s address the burning question: Does Ken Block own Monster Energy? The answer is no, Ken Block does not own Monster Energy. Monster Energy is a separate entity owned by Monster Beverage Corporation (formerly Hansen Natural Corporation). Ken Block has indeed partnered with Monster Energy for sponsorship in various motorsport events and Gymkhana projects. This partnership has been mutually beneficial, with Monster Energy gaining exposure through Block’s stunts and Block receiving vital financial support for his endeavors.

The Power of Sponsorship

Sponsorship deals are common in the world of extreme sports and motorsports. Athletes like Ken Block rely on sponsorships from companies like Monster Energy to fund their projects and continue pushing the boundaries of their respective sports. While Ken Block may not own Monster Energy, his association with the brand has undoubtedly contributed to its visibility and appeal among his fan base.


In conclusion, Ken Block does not own Monster Energy. Instead, he has a strong partnership with the brand, utilizing their support to fuel his incredible feats in motorsports and gymkhana. Monster Energy, with its unique branding and diverse product range, continues to thrive in the competitive energy drink market. So, while Ken Block may not be the owner, his collaboration with Monster Energy has left an indelible mark on both the world of extreme sports and the energy drink industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is Ken Block a part-owner of Monster Energy?No, Ken Block is not a part-owner of Monster Energy. He has a sponsorship agreement with the company but does not own it.
  2. How did Ken Block become associated with Monster Energy?Ken Block’s association with Monster Energy began through sponsorship deals for his motorsport and Gymkhana projects.
  3. What are some of the other brands that Ken Block has been associated with?Ken Block has had partnerships with various brands in the automotive and motorsport industries, including Ford, DC Shoes, and Hoonigan.
  4. Is Monster Energy the only energy drink company that sponsors extreme sports athletes?No, there are several energy drink companies that sponsor athletes in extreme sports and motorsports, including Red Bull, Rockstar Energy, and more.
  5. Where can I find more of Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos?Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos can be found on his official YouTube channel and various social media platforms.

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