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In his later years, Grampa was famous for using his weeder at Home Depot, and he had a few tips that I’m sure you haven’t heard before.

Let me share these with you, because these are not secrets that you can find online.

And I’ve used them to get rid of bad memories, unwanted emotions and pain in my life…

The first tip was that the weeder needed to be about 2 to 4 feet long. This way, it could reach into a deeper layer of soil than a short weeder could, and the longer it was, the more effective it would be.

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This tip has helped me so much! It is just like Grampa said—the longer the weeder is, the more weeds can be pulled up.

The next tip is that if you put your weeder on a long handle, the longer the handle is, the more control you can get over it. And the best thing is that you don’t need a drill to get this done. You can do it using only hand tools.

Benefit: This will let you be more relaxed about what you do – no matter how messy it gets.

The third tip is that the weeder needs to have a sharp, flat edge, so it can dig up weeds more easily.

The last tip is that when you are doing the weeding, you need to take a step back from your weeder. Otherwise, it will cause you anxiety.

If you do all of those things, you will find that you feel less anxious while you are weeding.

And you will also be more mindful and in tune with your surroundings.

Because you will feel the presence of the earth.


Grampa said that the first tip to make your weeding job easier is to buy a heavy-duty trowel. He said that the heavy duty trowels would allow you to weed in a more efficient way.

He also said that you need to buy a weed killer with an alcohol content of more than 50%. He said that this will prevent the weeds from becoming too resistant to the weed killer.


He also said that you should use an over-the-sink sprayer to water your garden. He said that this will reduce the amount of time it takes to weed the garden and also keep the weeds from growing back after they have been sprayed.


He said that you should get rid of the weeds before they are even fully grown. He said that this will help you to save time and energy.


He said that you should always wear gardening gloves to make the job easier. He said that wearing gardening gloves will protect your hands from being cut and will also help to prevent blisters.


He said that you should never use your garden fork while you are weeding. He said that using the fork can damage the soil.

He also said that you should put a shovel in your car trunk or a wheelbarrow. He said that this will make it easier to move the soil around your garden when you are finished weeding.


He also said that you should not use a push mower when you are weeding. He said that it is easy to accidentally step on the tines of the mower and cause your feet to get injured.


He said that you should wear shoes when you are out working in the garden. He said that shoes will protect your feet from injury.


He also said that you should never use the same spade twice to dig your garden. He said that you can easily cut your hand when you do this.


He also said that you should check your tools and equipment regularly to ensure that they are in good condition.

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