how to raise an office chair without a lever


Many office chairs come equipped with a lever that allows you to adjust the height of the chair to your desired level. However, there might be instances where your office chair lacks this lever or it becomes faulty over time. In such situations, it can be quite frustrating to sit on a chair that doesn’t offer the right level of comfort and support. But worry not! There are alternative methods to raise your office chair without a lever. In this article, we will explore various techniques that can help you achieve the desired height adjustment without the need for a lever.

1. Using a Pillow or Cushion

One simple and cost-effective way to raise your office chair is by using a pillow or cushion. Place the pillow on the seat of the chair, and you’ll notice an immediate increase in height. The advantage of this method is that you can easily adjust the height by adding or removing pillows to get the perfect comfort level.

2. Adding Chair Casters

Chair casters are small wheels that can be attached to the base of your office chair. These casters come in different sizes and heights, allowing you to choose the appropriate one to achieve the desired chair height. Replace the existing casters with taller ones, and you’ll be able to raise your chair without a lever.

3. Using a Wooden Platform

Crafting a wooden platform can be an excellent solution to raise your office chair. Measure the dimensions of the chair base, and cut a piece of wood accordingly. Then, place the wooden platform on the chair’s seat and secure it properly. This method not only raises the height but also provides a stable surface.

4. Stack Books or Magazines

In a pinch, you can use books or magazines to add height to your office chair. Stack them on the seat until you reach the desired height. While this method might not be as stable as the others, it can work well temporarily.

5. DIY PVC Pipe Extender

Creating a DIY PVC pipe extender is another option for raising your office chair. Cut a piece of PVC pipe to the desired length and place it over the chair’s gas cylinder. Ensure it fits securely to prevent any accidents. This method offers a more permanent solution for height adjustment.

6. Using a Yoga or Stability Ball

A yoga or stability ball can be a fun and ergonomic way to raise your sitting height. Simply place the ball on the chair’s seat and sit on it. This method not only adds height but also promotes better posture and core engagement.

7. Repurposing a Footrest

If you have an adjustable footrest lying around, you can repurpose it as a lever-less height adjuster. Place the footrest on the chair’s seat, and you’ll have a comfortable elevated seating position.

8. Using Bed Risers

Bed risers are typically used to raise the height of a bed, but they can also be employed to lift your office chair. Place the chair’s base on top of the bed risers to achieve the desired height.

9. Installing a Pneumatic Cylinder

This method might require some technical skills, but it’s a great solution for a permanent height adjustment. Replace the existing gas cylinder with a longer one to increase the chair’s height.

10. Opt for an Adjustable Desk

Consider using an adjustable desk that can be raised or lowered according to your preference. Pairing an adjustable desk with your office chair can provide a comprehensive ergonomic setup.


Raising an office chair without a lever is possible with various creative and practical methods. Whether you choose to use cushions, PVC pipe extenders, or repurpose items like footrests and yoga balls, you can achieve the perfect sitting height for improved comfort and productivity.


Can I use multiple methods together to raise my office chair even higher?

Yes, you can combine methods like using a cushion along with bed risers or an adjustable desk to achieve a higher height.

Is using a stability ball a good option for long hours of sitting?

While stability balls can be beneficial for short periods, they may not provide adequate support for extended sitting sessions.

Are there any safety considerations when using DIY methods?

When using DIY methods like the PVC pipe extender, ensure it fits securely and does not compromise the chair’s stability.

Can I raise my chair too high, causing discomfort?

Yes, raising the chair too high can lead to an awkward posture and discomfort. Find the right balance for a comfortable sitting position.

Can I modify my chair back height as well?

Some chairs allow you to adjust the back height separately, which can further enhance your sitting experience

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