How to sew a tote bag with flat bottom

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This post shows you how to sew a tote bag with a flat bottom, using a simple tutorial to walk you through the steps.

I will show you different methods of making a tote bag without a flat bottom, and how to add one after the bag is made.

In this tutorial, we will use a fabric called Lining Material Fabric, which has elastic in it, but you can use any other fabric like canvas, vinyl, or even felt. The main reason why you should use this fabric is because it is easy to cut, it gives you a nice finish, and the most important reason is that you get better elasticity. You can make bags from many materials, such as canvas, vinyl, or even felt, but for this tutorial we are going to use only the fabric that is used for lining material.

Let’s start.

Step 1: Preparation

1.1 Cut the Fabric

The first step in sewing a tote bag is cutting the fabric. You can use the method shown below or simply use the template that you have found at the end of this post. But make sure that you measure the fabric correctly.

1.2 Mark

The next step is marking the pattern on the fabric, and I’ve used the template that is provided below.

Step 2: Making a pocket

2.1 Pin the Fabric

The second step is pinning the fabric together. Pin the pieces right sides together, so that they stick together well. Make sure that the fabric fits properly, and if it doesn’t, you might need to move some of the fabric pieces around.

2.2 Fold and Sew

After pinning the pieces together, fold them again so that you have a piece of fabric of the size that you want.

Fold the edge and then sew it together, using a zigzag stitch to create a strong seam.

Sew the edge so that it doesn’t fray when it gets wet or dirty.

2.3: Add Velcro

Now add velcro to the top corners of the bag, so that it won’t fall off.

I used the velcro that comes with the fabric, but you can also use a normal button and a zipper.

2.4 Turn the Bag Right Side Out

Now turn the bag right side out.

Step 3: Making the handles

3.1 Fold the Fabric

To make the handles, you need to make folds. To do this, just fold the fabric into three equal parts. Then sew the fabric together along the edges, so that it becomes a tube.

The fabric should be folded on itself, so that it will become a tube with no holes in it.

3.2 Attach the Handle

The next step is attaching the handle to the bag. Fold both ends of the handle so that they are aligned on the top of the bag. Then, attach the handle to the bag by stitching through all of the layers of fabric.

You can either stitch the handles directly to the bag, or you can stitch them first and then sew the bag on top of it.

Step 4: Making the Straps

4.1 Prepare the Strap

Make sure that you sew a small hole at the bottom of the strap, so that it is easier to put it on your shoulder.

Then sew two lines across the top of the strap to form the handles, making sure that the line that you sew is parallel to the edge of the bag.

4.2 Sew the Strap

After sewing the strap, stitch the two lines so that they become a circle, like the picture below.

Attach the straps to the bag by placing them on the shoulder area and then connecting them to the bag with a line.

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